The climatic change issue has recently become one of the most serious challenges facing humankind. As L.O.S. Lieder insists on brevity, even though this issue deserves to be discussed at length, I beg your forgiveness for formulating my thesis directly and perhaps somewhat dramatically: climatic specialists and those people who have contributed to recent debates are possibly as much of a threat to the climate as the pollution caused by industrialization. For almost one hundred years, science has failed to realize that climate and the oceans are one and the same thing. As a result, the 1982 U.N. …

Since long the scientific community pressure governments to take actions as they think it should be done. On October 21, 2009 they wrote an OPPEN LETTER to the U.S. Senators urging them to consider climate change legislation, by stating the consensus scientific view (see image left and in ANNEX below).

“An eruption on Iceland looms” was the story on Mach 18, 2021. Last night (02/03 May) an Eruption with hick-ups produced stunning lava fountains. Fountain can be seen in the video:

Here is a reprint from: Gígurinn þeytir kviku 300 metra upp í loft (RUV) at

The eruptive activity remains overall similar as during yesterday, with alternating phases of lava fountaining and only more or less quiet lava effusion. It seems that most activity by now is concentrated at the vent #5 in the central part of the fissure system, which had begun erupting on 13 April.

When it comes to the term CLIMATE, the friends of IPCC[1], as well as their foes, are happily sailing in the same boat. While fighting a war of arguments how climate works, or may change, and what counter measures should be taken at many Billions costs, the global politics, and scientific community feel comfortable to talk about CLIMATE. Commonly it is said that ‘climate is the average weather’[2], without saying how ‘weather’ should be defined in the first place. As “climate means so many things to different people”[3], the climate & weather issue is discussed elsewhere (here). As a matter…

A number of heinous crimes that can be attributed to the person Adolf Hitler are known. This includes his war crimes for WWII, and as a mass murderer for the Holocaust. Does it still matter to call him the first climate criminal? Very much, and the further behind Hitler’s crimes, the more so! If one knew today why Hitler had to be named the first climate criminal, the climate debate would not proceed as it has been for decades.

From an abstract point of view, Hitler started the biggest climate experiment with World War II and he was very successful…

A volcanic eruption in Iceland hit the headlines a few weeks ago. After a break of 800 years, another volcano erupted on Reykjanes peninsula, just 20 miles south of Reykjavik. The event was spectacular but had no major impact.

Earth went through a significant cooling from 1940 to mid-1970s. The Northern Pacific experienced two major climatic shifts during the last century.

Climate is one of the most important words in linguistic usage today. Science in particular uses it extensively. With reference to climate change, a threatening backdrop has been created for the public and politics for years.

“What Does 2000 Years of Temperature Data Tell Us?”, is a good question in a recent story by David Siegel here at MEDIUM (March 30, 2021), which was actually formulated by Willis Eschenbach at WUWT just one week earlier. The discussion can be separated in two parts: A) the time before the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA) about 1850, and B) From the LIA until today. The conclusion by Willis Eschenbach is simple and clear:


That is a fair assessment for the two millenniums before the end of…

“If science can’t explain climate shifts pre 1950, how can we trust today’s climate models?” lamented Prof. Judith Curry back in 2014. . There had been actually two since the end of the Little Ice Age (~1850), the warming from 1918–1939, and the even more significant global cooling period from winter 1939/40 to mid-1970s, which is the only topic of this essay. All climate models fail because both were man-made by naval war during the two World Wars almost a century ago. …

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