• Rahul Gopakumar

    Rahul Gopakumar

    Electrical engineer specialized in sustainable energy technology, loves physics, cooking and travelling. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-gopakumar-87493817/

  • Shane J. Ralston

    Shane J. Ralston

    Philosopher, journalist and writer with a knack for speaking truth to power. Always up for a good convo: philsphizer@gmail.com

  • Ugur Comlekcioglu

    Ugur Comlekcioglu

    PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology. I like to write about the topics related science, education and critical thinking. www.thinkerbug.net

  • Mohammed Malah

    Mohammed Malah

    Thinker. Listener. Writer. — Writing about Energy, Data and Development.

  • Robert Moszczynski

    Robert Moszczynski

    I write about timeless stuff. Systems that I use and wisdom that has moved me forward. https://robertmoszczynski.com

  • Sara Eaton

    Sara Eaton

    I’m just Me. Having been in pursuit of the free spirit, here I am.

  • Colin M.

    Colin M.

    Someone who likes learning and sharing what we learn.

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